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Cracked sewer pipes are both costly and dangerous to your home. They can also result in extensive property damage, which may be even worse than the crack itself! It is essential for you to get them repaired as soon as possible before things go from bad to worse

The best way of ensuring these cracks don’t spread further into your plumbing assets? By calling a professional plumber who knows what they’re doing.  Fortunately, Sarnia Plumbing Pros is your local source for quality sewer repair and replacement at any time.

Causes of Sewer Line Damage

From clogged pipes to normal wear and tear, here are a few causes of sewer line damage

Tree Roots

One of the most common causes of sewer line damage is tree roots. A tree’s natural rooting pattern means that, as it grows and searches outsources to drink from (like our sewers), so too do its root systems go with them! Since sewer lines carry liquid waste, roots are naturally attracted to the source—particularly when there is already a small leak in the piping.

Tree roots are like tiny octopuses that wrap around and even break the structure of sewer pipes once in contact with them. Clay, which is typically found in homes with clay sewer systems as opposed to plastic ones will be more susceptible than others because they contain many small cracks from water pressure fluctuation or freeze cycles over time

Corroded Pipes

Although pipes made of steel and cast iron are galvanized to prevent rusting, these materials can still corrode over time if left untreated. Corrosion might lead to leaks or cracks which will turn your home’s plumbing system into a nightmare!

Clogged Pipes Due To Debris

Your home’s sewage lines are only equipped to handle human waste and toilet paper. Flushing trash like wrappers and paper towels causes blockages that drain cleaning agents can’t fix. In the kitchen, cooking oil and grease can also clog pipes if they’re poured into the sink

Extreme Temperatures

During extreme temperature and cold weather, frozen pipes can bust as a result of the expanding ice. However, it’s not just cold weather that can cause pipes to rupture—though unlikely, extreme heat can burst pipes, too.


Generally, pressure is the reason most pipes crack. The force of water pressing on your faucet or lavatory can cause any type—regardless if they are made out of metal, plastic, ceramic–to break down eventually

Signs of Sewer Line Damage

To prevent further damage, it’s important to know the signs of a damaged sewer system so that you can take immediate action and contact your local Sarnia Plumbing Pros. These signs include;

  • Flooded yard
  • Sewer odor around your property
  • Slow draining bathtub
  • Lack of water in your toilet(s)
  • Noticeable sewage backup in your toilet or tub
  • Significantly greener grass near your sewage pipe
  • Strange gurgling noises coming from your toilet(s)

Sewer Line Replacement

If repair is not possible, it may be time to schedule a sewer line replacement. Luckily, at Sarnia Plumbing Pros, You can trust us to be honest and straightforward. We take the time necessary during any replacement procedure, keeping your best interests at heart; we won’t lie about what needs replacing or why it’s coming out if you don’t need anything fixed. 

Our Trenchless repair and replacement is the future of residential water management. It’s less invasive than other methods, which means it won’t tear up your lawn or landscaping in the process! Plus this type has more benefits for you as well–cost-effective? Yes, please!  With our quick and efficient service, you can stop worrying about your sewer lines. We’ll get the job done right the first time at an affordable price

Professional Sewer Line Repair & Replacement

Worried that tree roots may be destroying your sewer lines? Have your pipes begun to leak unhealthy sewage under your property? Don’t wait a moment longer to call on your local plumbing professionals at Sarnia Plumbing Pros. We fix cracked or broken sewer pipes fast and efficiently with our specialized techniques that will leave your home safe from any further damage caused by flooding!

You can start by calling our team today at +1 519-900-0661 for your sewer line repair & replacement or request an estimate online.

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